Community Justice Programs

Pat Fling, Coordinator (

FAST (Faith & Action in Strength Together).  FAST’s involvement and pressure continues to be needed in its three areas: affordable housing, reducing school suspensions, and making mental health services more accessible. 

FAST builds power with everyday people in Pinellas county from diverse faith communities to create social justice through public policy changes.

We meet all year long but the big action will be Tuesday April 30 at 7 pm

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Please take some time to view the new FAST video below. It is narrated by Rabbi Torop, Temple Beth El, and Rev. Ward, Moriah Mission Baptist Church, who is also Co-Chair of the FAST Criminal Justice Committee.

Celebrate Outreach!
Sabine von Aulock, Coordinator (

Celebrate Outreach! collaborated with the University of South Florida School of Architecture & Community Design in 2016 to build a tiny home for a veteran facing homelessness. 

The winning design, by Yesenia Vega, was approved by the City of St. Petersburg and was completed in July 2022. 

The organization obtained its first property through the City's Disposition of Foreclosed Properties program, and the second tiny home, was developed by Nicole Peterika, AIA, President of Mag 4, Inc. 

The tiny homes will serve as homeownership opportunities for households at risk of homelessness but working to stabilize their financial situation to become homeowners. 

To learn more about Tiny Homes you can visit Tiny Homes Project 

For more information on becoming a homeowner of the current Tiny Home under construction, please click on FAQ to Home Ownership.