We give in gratitude for each other, for our time together, for our sacred space, for those in our wider community, and for those who lead us to be our best selves

How to Give

Donate —Contribute online to any of the UU St. Pete funds by clicking here. Create a profile and log in or contribute without logging in. Creating a profile gives you immediate access to your online transaction history.

Automatic bank transfer—Set up an automatic electronic transfer from your bank checking account. It is free at most banks and can be changed whenever you wish.

Mail a check to 100 Mirror Lake Drive North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 Att: Financial Secretary. Write the name of the fund or Annual Pledge on the memo line of the check.

Contribute stock—Contact the UU St. Pete treasurer at for instructions to contribute stock or other marketable securities.

Vanco Mobile App Contribute directly from your smartphone or tablet by downloading the Vanco Mobile App.

What happens after I give to UUSP?

Annual Giving

Each member of UU St. Pete makes an annual pledge to fund the good works of our congregation throughout each fiscal year. Every member takes responsibility for pledging as generously as their individual circumstances allow. 

Legacy Builders

Members and friends set up a plan to make a gift from their estate to the Endowment Fund of UU St. Pete. Leaving a portion of the assets one has accumulated over the course of a lifetime ensures the continuation of the spiritual home that they have come to cherish and perpetuates our UU values.

Social Justice Collections

Together we support the ongoing work of UU St. Pete in the wider community:

UUs Helping People—aids the homeless in South Pinellas County through Celebration Outreach, the Friday night picnic, and other advocacy actions

Migrant Families—supports the farmworkers in Immokalee, FL, and local refugee families

FAST—Faith and Action for Strength Together, an interfaith group that identifies issues confronting the community and undertakes to influence decisions makers in governmental positions to help address these issues adequately and permanently.

Special Projects
Periodically UU St. Pete undertakes collections to fund specific social justice projects to benefit the larger community 

Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Collection

UU Chalice Lighters
UU Guest at Your Table
UU Service Committee

Ministers Discretionary Fund

Contributions help the minister distribute funds to families and individuals in need as well as purchase books, materials, and other supplies and pay fees to attend conferences and meetings by the minister and others as determined at the sole discretion of the minister.

Renew-Restore-Rejuvenate Facilities Project

Major projects are undertaken from time to time to improve the function, safety, and beauty of our church building.

General Contributions

Additional contributions can be made periodically and include weekly plate collections.

Contact us!

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