Bodily Autonomy Team

Our mission is to empower individuals to exercise their inherent right to bodily autonomy. We advocate for and defend the fundamental principle that every person has the agency to make decisions about their own body

Clinic Escorting

Our team joins together with local clinic escort groups to walk patients from their vehicles to the clinic entrance and back. Along this walk, patients and escorts alike are berated by aggressive and misinformed protesters. Luckily, our volunteers and many like them have vowed to take a stand to say, "Not here. Not in our community."

Reproductive Justice Resources!

Please Note : Abortions can be used by people who have a uterus and can get pregnant. This includes cisgender women and people who identify as trans, non-binary, gender-expansive, intersex, Two-Spirit, and more. We aim to be inclusive of all pregnant people who need these services.


Tampa Bay Abortion Fund


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