UU St. Pete InfoNet: Additional Information About Email Scam

Email Scam/Phishing Attempt and Prevention

Dear UU St Pete Infonet recipients:  Someone using the fake email address "minister@uusp.com and/or  minister.uustpete@gmail.com" is emailing urgent requests, pretending to be from Rev. Jack, asking for $400 gift cards to help a needy person.  This is a scam, so please ignore it and delete it immediately.  Do not Click into on onto the links.


To help differentiate, our correspondance emails and those from Rev. Jack come from uustpete.org or minister@uustpete.org.


As observed by UUSP webmaster Michael Pohl, "This is a fairly common phishing attempt. Unfortunately we cannot stop these from occurring as they originate from our servers. The best recourse is education -- no one should ever click on anything in an email that requests money or login credentials without first verifying its origin with the alleged sender. Even clicking on a link in such emails can trigger a virus or some other ill effect."


It is unfortunate that some people do bad and inapproprate things as we try to do good.